Our mission is to transform communities

by supporting local charities through

original, meaningful products designed

to create and inspire good in the world.

With your purchase of any 216 Affection

product, you can make a huge

impact and help to revitalize Cleveland

one step at a time!




Lake Erie Foundation

The Lake Erie Foundation is an organization that helps protect the waters of Lake Erie both now and in the future. By giving back to the Lake Erie Foundation, you are advocating for economic sustainability, legal defense, education, outreach and innovative sustainable technology.



My Inner Warrior Foundation

My Inner Warrior Foundation focuses on providing new and greater opportunity for inner-city baseball programs. This means providing new equipment and volunteers, a structured training program for underprivileged, inner-city athletes, and free access to trainers, coaches and tutors.



Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Greater Cleveland

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation strives to create one-on-one mentoring relationships that help all youth to achieve their full potential. Proceeds donated to this charity will go specifically to the Greater Cleveland branch.



The City Mission Endowment Foundation

The City Mission exists to serve individuals at their point of crisis by empowering them toward self-sustainability. Through help with housing, employment, food, job skills, and Christian teaching, individuals are given the chance to discover their own best path to personal success.





     216 Affection is a small business that sells originally designed apparel, as well as other products, that donate a designated portion of its profits (25%) to charity and is based in Cleveland, OH. 

     It all started with a purpose, a dream, and a vision. Built from the realization that while many companies do, to some extent, donate a portion of their profits to charity, no for-profit organization was really making any good products that fundamentally stood up for and consistently contributed to something impactful. Something charitable. Something important to society.

     So, along came the idea to form 216 Affection. It was established in 2019 and took a lot of time, dedication and hard work to build. However, it was all well worth it in the end. We hope that we are able to do nothing short of make a positive impact on you, the charitably generous customer, and on the city of Cleveland as a whole.





L O R E N Z O     R I T S O N    


     I am currently a junior, majoring in Business Administration, at Baldwin Wallace University. I was born in Cleveland, OH and graduated as a motivated and driven Eagle alumni from St. Edward High School back in 2017 where I learned and bought into the idea of servant leadership.

     During the years, I've volunteered at countless organizations throughout Cleveland and want to carry forward charitable giving and compound the effect.

     I conceived the idea and built 216 Affection with one goal in mind. To provide customers with quality products that donate a significant portion of its profits to charity while simultaneously deploying positivity, happiness, and generosity.

     Along the way, I realized that very few corporations, if any, were consistently making any real contributions to a charitable cause through their products. I see the "through their products" part as being very important because it allows the person purchasing that product to know that they made a difference. Sure, some companies might have a week or two out of the year in which they would donate a portion of the profits to charity, but it is typically only short term and a small percentage of the purchase price.

     So, I decided that it was time for a change and along came 216 Affection. With your help, we can make a positive difference in the city of Cleveland and make the world a more positive, happy, and generous place one small step at a time.